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200 000


Every month we post thousands of UGC backlinks

2 000

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Only quality non-toxic websites for any location

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black forum list

We do not publish links on toxic and heavily moderated sites

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2000+ safe natural backlinks from unique websites from all over the world. Your product will be talked about under any location!

Targeted visitors from forums, blogs and social networks. You will be recognized!

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Link Building Results


The project manager creates 5+ related projects for freelance workers, checks their work and generates a report for you

search websites for posting backlinks


We are looking for the best websites to place backlinks from Google search results, from your competitors and from our database. All sites are checked for MOZ DA, MOZ SS and site traffic. 

Reviews are written by different people


Comment texts are written by different people with their own experiences and opinions from real accounts. The work of placing backlinks takes 30 days or more.

Backlink gets social confirmation


Every page with a backlink gets social promotion in its natural form - a few likes, tweets, share on Facebook. All these people are also clicking on your backlinks and exploring your site

Discussion of sites in the top Google


We can use different types of sites in large projects: forums, blog comments, review sites, directories, Q&A services. This maximizes compliance with the requirements of search engines for a natural backlink profile.

Our Team

Dozens of people work on each project. What do they all do? They share the link on forums, sites, and social media. They write comments and site reviews and give other behavioral signals.

It sounds incredible, but there's really nothing unusual here. Each project is divided into micro-tasks, and people work for you through a CRM and micro-freelancing system.

Each employee does a small portion of the work according to their skills and experience. We are from Ukraine and Belarus mostly.

marketing team

Unique seo backlink techniques

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Lots of people will see your ad and get rewarded

Any languages

Forum discussions and backlinks from around the world


30 days free replacement of deleted links


Only unique sites in the project without duplicates. Whitelisted 2000+ best forums from around the world


The backlink is surrounded by 500+ words of unique text with keywords from different people

We usually place natural links without anchors. If you want, we can also place links with anchors
Web 2.0 link building service

Behavioral signals, strengthening backlinks and accelerated indexing in search engines

many workers
Dozens of people are involved in each project. Different opinions and experiences in unique discussions
Tier 2 link building service
We place tiered links from unique non-toxic forums with traffic to articles or a network of sites. And tier 3 from social networks
SEO Metrics Check. MOZ DA > 10, MOZ Spam Score < 40, SpyMetric > 1000. We do not use ahrefs in our work. It is the most manipulable synthetic SEO parameter
Over 10,000 forums and blogs are blacklisted. We will not post links on heavily moderated or spammy forums. You will not disavow your backlinks
Link building for content projects and online stores. For each internal page we place from 5 backlinks in one project
You only make payment and give links to post. Optionally specify anchors or keywords
Best backlink price. The cheapest high quality backlinks for SEO

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Examples of our link building service

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We complete more than 50 projects each year


Do you have any questions?

SEO is a very complex field of activity. Building backlinks can be dangerous or simply useless. Our services are primarily aimed at natural promotion and compliance with Google's requirements for usefulness

I need linkbuilding best practices. What can you offer?

We can post your guest posts and articles in our best forums. Or post forum backlinks to your guest posts /outreach articles

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How about live traffic from posted backlinks?

We make every possible effort to attract traffic through backlinks. But our backlinks for SEO are primarily

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Can you send me a list of forums?

Yes, if you have already paid for VIP. You must understand that we do not own these forums and all previously collected sites may no longer work or do not allow us to place backlinks. Usually we need significantly more websites from our base for your order.

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What niches are you working with?

We work with any website, except criminal and political websites. Tourism and travel topics, construction, women's topics, health and beauty, medicine, information technology / IT, auto and car service, gardening, crypto, gambling - not a complete list of topics where we place natural backlinks from the forums.

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We place natural backlinks for almost any GEO: USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Poland, Europe, India and over 200 more locations. We check if there is traffic from your GEO on the donor, specify the GEO link in the title of the page.

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Your forums are bad. I need better sites for posting.

You know that the best sites are moderated and backlinks are removed 97% of the time. We can place your backlinks on any of these sites, but with no guarantee against removal or publication.

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UGC backlinks are spam!

Hmm. Yes and no. All links placed to influence search engine rankings are link spam. That's why we do real discussion on the donor site. And mostly backlinks are dofollow

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Your backlinks are bullshit
Yes, of course. It depends on your experience and the niche in which you work. The main thing to remember is that any link manipulation is easily tracked and you need to build a natural link profile for your site
Read more on MOZ blog
Your backlinks don't working / link building not working
You know, backlinks are one of the main ranking factors. But at the same time it is more important to work on the quality of your website and competitor analysis. It's all about your resources. And the result of the link building also does not appear immediately, some ugc backlinks appear in the index or cache months after posting
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Do you have an example of backlinks?
Yes, of course. Just contact us
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Everything is learned by comparison. This is quite inexpensive for this amount of work. You can order your own backlinks on fiverr or upwork, get a bunch of toxic links on spam pages, search engine filters and constant work on checking performers and donors. We offer a full range of turnkey backlinking work on forums. Experienced SEO specialists are happy, because they are guaranteed to get good backlinks without risk and problems at a reasonable cost on an ongoing basis.
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Topic pages in Google Index on non-toxic sites with traffic

USDT 300

per 15 backlinks
$20 per 1 backlink

  • more then 100 comments
  • more then 200 facebook sharing and tweets
  • during 2-4 weeks
  • personal manager
  • Google SpreadSheet report


Best tier-2 backlinks for outreach articles / guest posts

USDT 300

per 30 backlinks
$10 per 1 backlink

  • more then 100 comments
  • more then 200 facebook sharing and tweets
  • during 2-4 weeks
  • personal manager
  • Google SpreadSheet report


Off page SEO for gambling / crypto / PBN websites

USDT 1600

per 200 backlinks
$8 per 1 backlink

  • more then 500 comments
  • more then 1000 facebook sharing and tweets
  • during 1-2 months
  • personal manager
  • Google SpreadSheet report

buy real comments for outreach articles / guest posts

additional content

Why additional conteNt is so important

Additional content is important because it is very difficult to get naturally. You pay a journalist or copywriter for their work - there's nothing against the rules. We also offer you additional content services. Unique texts, unique people with different life experiences and opinions.

This unique technique that most of your SEO competitors ignore. Testing shows that additional content increases user time on the page, improves the user experience and really enhances your linkbuilding activity. 

john muller from google additional contex


Be the best guest poster

USDT 100

per 100 comments
$1 per 1 comment

  • up to 200 different urls in one project
  • more then 200 facebook sharing and tweets
  • during 1-4 weeks
  • personal manager
  • Google SpreadSheet report


Filling the blog comments

USDT 350

per 500 comments
$0.7 per 1 comment

  • up to 200 different urls in one project
  • more then 1k facebook sharing and tweets
  • during 1 month
  • personal manager
  • Google SpreadSheet report


Filling the web platform

USDT 1000

per 2000 comments
$0.5 per 1 comment

  • up to 200 different urls in one project
  • more then 5k facebook sharing and tweets
  • during 1 month
  • personal manager
  • Google SpreadSheet report